Scorpion Exhaust Dealer - London


not sure if this is right place? couldn’t find a recommended suppliers type section.

Basically I want a scorpion carbon exhaust and on thier main .com website it says high mount is available which is what I am after BUT the dealers it lists in london have been worse than useless.

Anyone know of any places that sell them that know what they are on about? can be anywhere in london not important



Not a straight forward answer to your question but the BMF show in Peterborough is only weeks away and I’m pretty sure Scorpion have been there before. Might be worth a check to see if they are taking a stand this year.

Most manufacturers offer a show discount so you could end up a few quid in pocket and if you tell them what you want, they’ll probably bring it to the show for you.

Your choice, but might be worth a punt.

HM Racing in Orpington deal with Scorpion cans (and recommend them).

I can endorse HM Racing as good guys.


Cheers for the help/idea’s it was in fact those guys I emailed twice and couldn’t get through too on the phone!!!

I ended up buying this as it has the link pipe I wanted, plus can design which I am going to cut down a bit so should look sweet.


HGB in ruislip ordered mine, they were great, even rang me to say it had arrived ahead of shedule