Scorpio Alarm can anyone rate this alarm ?

Scorpio Alarm

has has any of you used this alarm ??? and also does anybody sell this unit in the UK ???

No, but if it works may be interested in being a importer/supplier will send them an email

hmm, maybe not

costs about the same as the Datatool, Meta & Acumen system but without the uk 3 year garauntee and no thatcham approval so no insurance discount or waive of theft excess on your policy

also as an alarm fitter with 15 years experience fitting, anything that wires straight onto the battery is a BAD IDEA! makes it easier to steal for starters and doesn’t comply to insurance regs!

basically for about £250 these days you can get a Datatool system 3 with 3 year warranty and Thatcham Cat 1 approval fitted to your bike by an approved fitter which in my opinion is a much better bet

especially the datatool as they are now doing a text alert system as an optional upgrade so gives you the feature of the scorpio but at least it’s tried & tested in the UK. The current draw is also a lot higher the the modern UK systems

so basically for the money get a UK approved system