I’ve just had 2 months in Turkey where my everyday transport was …a scooter.

Never been keen on the things but I now think I see the point…Easy to use , just point and squirt.

It was a Suzuki Burgman 400 and I’m really tempted to buy one but wondering if any of you guys have ,or have had, one? How did you get on with it long term? Any problems?

Any other big scoots to be considered?



Check out the various Maxi scooter forums. The Burgman 400 has its fans, but some find they drink oil and go through front wheel bearings very fast. The later models are meant to be considerably better.

A scooter is a bit like shagging an ugly bird. May well be a good ride, but you wouldn’t want your mates to see you with it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I ride a Peugeot Satelis. It’s about the same size as the Burgman, and can be had with a 125, supercharged 125, 250, or 500. There are 3 specs: Premium, RS, and Executive. Premium is just the base model, RS is all black with some “sporty” bits, but Executive is the one with the toys. It has power-assisted, linked ABS brakes and an ABUS chain that is locked from the inside of the body. When I bought my 250 I negotiated a pull-out rain-cover for the seat and a remote control for the boot opening as part of the deal. The latter is pointless, but sooooo cool.

Kevin Ash reviewed the 500 for MCN and The Daily Telegraph:;jsessionid=TP2KYS20OVJBVQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/motoring/2007/11/17/nosplit/mfbike17.xml

Peugeot also just dropped their prices, so you can get a Satelis 500 with all the toys for £3999 now - about £500 less than a Burgman 400 (with no ABS or chain).

They don’t have little wheels like Vespas, either. My 250 has 14" front and 13" rear, which ok are hardly “real bike” size but pretty decent. If you want bigger wheels and a real bargain, the Geopolis 250 Executive is the sister bike to the Satelis and is now only £2999. Ridiculous price for the spec.

PM’d you with a link to a good maxi scooter forum.

Depends what kind of mates you have, I reckon :PAnd back on topic…Piaggio/Vespa/Gilera (all under the same ownership) have a range of 250/300/400/500cc scoots (and even an 800), and they should be the easiest ones to find in terms of dealers/available test rides/etc. Peugot have 250s and 500s. There’s the Burgmans (400 and 650), the Honda Silverwing (600, IIRC, but I may be wrong), and also people like Sym and Kymco (Korean brands). These will all be harder to find a test ride on (if my experience is anything to go by).

Silverwings are nice but very expensive. T-Max I like would get one of they were cheaper.

hahaha couldnt have put it better if i tried :D:D:D:D

lol :D:D:D

Oooooops. I forgot the T-Max. D’oh!

And as for the “like an ugly bird” banter:

I’d say my scooter was like a perfect woman. Good-looking, always ready for me; not tempramental; goes in all weathers; comes with built-in protection; and has loads of room in her underseat “handbag” so she can cart around all my bits and bobs for me instead of me doing it myself.

Whereas to me a sports bike would be like, say,Victoria Beckham. Sort of makes you look twice when you first see it, but when you look closer it’s actually not all that. Possibly nice to be seen with, but a PITA to live with in real life. Totally impractical, high-maintenance, and an uncomfortable ride.:P:P

:smiley: I reckon this quote from the Telegraph article I linked above hits the spot:Peugeot chose to launch the scooter at the Veritas wine bar in Banbury, a pretty good take on the cool piazza bars and bistros the French and Italians grow up with, and while the Satelis looked like the wheels of a dad come to collect his beautiful young progeny on his way home from the office, he’d still be wearing Ray-Bans and Guccis rather than Blue Harbour and Green Flash

The new Vespa 300 GT Super looks good. Having owned an LX in the past I would definitely agree that there’s a lot to be said for a modern twist and go Vespa as everyday transport in town. They are undeniably eay to ride, frugal, easy and cheap to maintain/insure and best of all they hold their value well so you will recoup more of your investment when it comes time to sell. In the real world they are pretty much as quick as motorcycles across town and it looks as if the new 300 will hold its own at the traffic lights too. Downsides would be IMO lack of road presence, not that involving to ride compared to a good bike, and difficult to wheelie :wink:

I love my maxi-scooter as it does everything i want and more, you can`t go wrong with a scoot, if you want help go onto maxi-muppets.

I’ve commuted on a BMW R65 as well as my usual Vespa PX. I loved the bike, but in sheer convenience and economy per mile the scoot won every time. Also, any time any thing went wrong with the beemer (not that it often did) it always seemed to cost about a hundred quid to fix. I can fettle most things on the scooter myself, and I’ve worked out it costs about a quid a day, all in, to own. I ended up selling the bike, though I do miss it.

A mate commutes from deepest Kent to the City every day on a 125cc Piaggio X8. He loves it - keeps up with the traffic, very comfortable and cheap to run.


I really didn’t used to have any time at all for scooters, thinking there were all just a bit soft and wet.

However got given a Yamaha T-Max 500cc one as a courtesy bike for a week or so while my R1 had some stuff done to it and I can’t believe it, but its really changed my opinon of them.

The T-Max turned quicker than my bike, happily did 90 and had good stowage plus room for the Doris on the back - she wouldn’t go near bikes prior to that!

But I think to come properly to terms with them you just have to consider them simplistic and convenient transport - and not expect any more, they’re never going to give you the ‘thrills’ of biking - or the fun I personally get from bikes at least. They’re never going to be fast, they’re never going to stop like a sports bike will and they’ll never have much clearance when you start to push them a bit.

As long as thats all you expect, they are a cracking commuting machine, though I would want at least a 500 and that was about the same on fuel as my bike so no real saving to be made there.

Anyway back to topic - Yamaha T-Max - highly reccomended for commuting!

With all of the stuff i have under the seat in my Vespa ( Maps, high vis, gloves, tool kit, helmet bag, towel, first aid kit, emergency food + water and chain) i would need a top box on a sports bike.

Being a newb ( passed test last week :D) the point and go ride is fun as i dont have to worry with gears and such…

Like being seen riding a ugly bird… my scoot has the curves in all of the right places :cool:

whistler, you may be interested in this, my beloved X9 500 that led the LB France trip 2007:

and how not to treat the Bikers loft at 05:00:

I’m new, and so reading some of the posts here I can already see there’s the usual bunch of clever childish moronic comments I get from my own friends.

Ah such a shame, but not surprised. :frowning:

You aint got any friends. Anyway dont worry what some power ranger says about scoots as we know they are good, its just the powerranger is too scared to say that.

scooters are where you learn everything. always have time for them. used to love the typhoon 125 and runner 125 2 strokes. and there still isnt a faster way round the city of london not when some of them will hit 100mph

some people will always be snobbish towards them. you have to just ignore it. when they chuck there new superbike down the road because they didnt learn to walk first. you can laugh to yourself.

this is me on a dragster 125 for twist and go magazine. we snapped it in half about half hour later :w00t:

honestly ignore the haters and go get one