Scooters Parking

Yesterday afternoon for the first time in a long time I very nearly lost my rag with someone. Turned up at the bike park to go home and found a lad moving other bikes around to ram his scooter in. He could see I’m about to go and when I said “Sorry, but you should not be moving other people’s bikes” he goes ballistic. I was seriously thinking of sticking my fist down his throat and ripping his liver out, but decided that 6ft6 versus 5ft6 was not on and I would probably be had for assault. He was interfering with other peoples property, can’t people understand, it is like, oh I’ll just move this car over so that I can fit my little piece of F*cking ****e in here as I’m too lazy to find a space elsewhere.

C*NT’s one and all. He rammed his bike in and pissed off, not waiting for me to leave a nice big space for him to park up in. The person whos bike had been moved turned up just before I left so I let him know what had happened. He was not pleased either.

Ive seen this happen and someone did it to my bike and dropped it but never found out who did it. Next if someone moved my bike to get there little crappy scooter in ill take the scooter and park it on a yellow line.

i hope this make you feel better, i had the same thing happen to me when i parked in the M/C bay outside the bloomberg building in the city the fact that i could not get my bandit out had me PI**ED, so i picked up the front end pushed the bike into the middle of the road so the cars had to go round it, hoping it would get towed away. on leaving i stop a traffic warren and told her about the bike in the road…

other time i used to park in the underground CP on moorgate the section had rails around it and you would some wnaker park his bike across the enterance so no one can get out, one afternoon there has a bike there and 6 people all standing around because they could not get out, so i surgested that we pick it up and move it, so we did but we moved it the other end of the CP where it sat gathering dust for months…

why is it always the scooters?


Jackie’s bike is parked outside my office window and is frquently moved - never once have I seen it done by a scooter - recently it has been BMWs mainly.

Don’t often use bike bays, but to be honest due to the chronic shortage of bike parking in central london, this is something you should expect, its part and parcel of riding in london. If i need to get into a bay, i have no qualms about moving another bike to get in, usually a scoot as they’re much lighter and easier to shift.

Yeah, you may get pissed off about it but why ride your pride and joy into central london and leave it at risk of theft and getting scratched up in bike bays? Buy yourself a cheap hack/scooter for the commute, often something much more useful for commuting anyway, and leave the shiny new bike for rideouts and weekend fun. Removes a lot of worry and stress.

If you don’t like it write to your MP or westminster council asking for more parking.

I don’t mind if my scooter gets moved a tad so someone can get in. Hats off to those who can do it though - 215kg kerb weight!

Well my scooter got moved as well a couple of times for the same reason and when I got back I moved their scooter outside the bay, called the attendant and they got a fine… that’s the price to pay when you touch my scooter!

Moving other peoples property is in contravention of law. Also, it damages other peoples property ramming bikes into none existant spaces. I put my bike on the centre stand and chain the rear wheel up, so it is next to impossible to move. I’ve come back to find cracked fairings and such from people who have rammed scooters into spaces too small for an insect.

I ride old bikes, but that does not mean I don’t care for them. All bikes I’ve owned have been 17 years at the youngest now. Probably the age of the scooter riders!

This sort of thing annoys me too, but… the scooter squashed up next to your bike that you just moved into the middle of the road/onto a single yellow, wasn’t necessarily the one that did the moving.

I have moved a scooter once or twice in the past, but I’ve only done so when I can safely do so and I was very careful about it. This is of course after I’ve spent about 20 minutes riding around looking for a space

It was indeed the scooter that was squeezed in that I moved out of the bay… because I caught the owner moving my scooter around. I obvioulsly complained to him about his attitude and he started insulting me… so I thought, fine mate, go away and I’ll move your scooter out of the bay so you’ll get a ticket… and that’s what happened. I left a little note on his scooter afterwards saying that he shouldn’t have annoyed me…!

I would go psycho ballistic if I saw someone touching my bike when I am legally parked. No one has the right to touch someone else’s property like that! What a nerve! I would report it immediately. Anyhow, my loud alarm would scare the living cr*p out of anyone who even bumps it by mistake!