Scooters...Paivi, Don't Shoot....

I must have a rant about scooters, my dear! I parked my bike in a Putney bike bay this Saturday. The space next to the far right-hand curb was free, so I was happy to have at least one side of my bike protected. There was a scooter next to me, but far enough away to be manageable.

As I walked to one of the shops, I saw a lad kneeling by my beautiful Blade. I walked over and saw that his scooter, which he had placed in far too small of a space between the other scooter and my bike, had fallen over on top of my bike. The levers were tangled in my fairing. Grrrrr! I asked him what he thought he was doing, and he said that I must have parked too close. A bicyclist was unlocking her bike (she was there when I parked) and vouched for me. HE was the one who had parked too close.

By the time he removed the scooter from my bike, it became evident that he had chipped my paint. I told him that it was a custom paint job, and could not be re-touced (flip-flop paint, so it really can’t!). I did get all of his details and confirm his name, as well as pictures, etc. He does not believe he chipped my paint.

Going through his insurance today, but very annoyed if I have to go throug mine b/c of excess and ‘no fault’. I had to shell out a lot to get insured on the Blade as a new rider, and I am not really keen on damaging my no claims bonus. Why, oh why do they park in spaces that are CLEARLY too small? I thought that women were supposed to have the depth perception problem, not men!

Sorry, Paivi…I know that you would think twice and probably rescue my keys .


Was he a young tyke? Hope you gave him a good cuffing

He was fairly young…I felt quite bad, actually, as he DID stick around to give me his details. I thought he would just ride away and took a picture of his plate before he could do so. He argued about the chips/scratches in my paint, but seemed like a fairly decent fella, overall. I felt mean, but he scratched my baby!

Got to expect it parking in a bay. V annoying all the same though, 'ped rider once tried to move my bike by picking it up by the front indicators

To be fair Brooke, it wasn’t really the scooter’s fault now, was it? More like the inconsiderate scooter rider’s… The scoot was just minding its own business, just getting intimate with your sexy bike… Can’t really blame it, can you?

Had a push bike rider lean his bike up against mine, told him I was not happy with the situation and he could not understand the problem. Had to paint a picture of mountain bike up arse for him to get my drift!!

Parking in London is fraught with the dangers of people squeezing into non-existant spaces. I tend to leave my FJ on centre stand and with steering lock etc… My ex-mint Honda had a dent in the tank from some twat who squeezed in. Annoying to say the least.

Still, the commuting [only bike too] hack is more or less impervious to such imperfections and being heavy, not many try to move it. Park close enough to dismount, yet not so close so as able to dance in the space. Hard one. I’ve been a moped/scooter rider and still managed to park with consideration for other bikers. All down to common courtesy really…

You don’t have to claim off your insurres, if you have his reg, and address write to him and get him to report to his inurers who can cough up, any probs PM me and I can advise on proceedure.