Scooterist LK56 FPV

So close to my bike that your hairdryer is leaning against my fairing. I know the bike bays are shut across the road but there’s loads around here, so if you’re fit enough to ride, you’re fit enough to walk.


I actually have them on my phone, but i’ve not the foggiest about how to put them on the site. And besides I’m at work so can’t be seen to be farting around. I mean, any more than usual.

Wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the scooter you refer to had properly parked by the owner but been shoved sideways in order to fit a fecking great trailie bike leant over on a sidestand in the bay.

Or something.

I had to check to see if it was scooter that was parked next to me yesterday, but it wasn’t.

thats taking the ****…

personally i would have me and a mate pick it up and move it to one side a bit…if the owner dont like it…tough… in future dont park liek a twat!

Move it to the side . . . . . . my colleage suggested he should have turned it pside down - top box and handle bars on the floor ! :smiley:

Whould be a funny sight!

i can’t provide pictures but your’s is pretty similar to my situation. i can’t make my mind up if it’s better if the arse is out there when i leave for the day, or it’s better if we just avoid each other and a potential fight.

yesterday I saw a guy who just pushed two bikes out of the bay to park its own!!!

in your case it could have happen something similar, someone else just push the scooter to park his own bike!!! (difficult to say)


It’s quite possible that happened. there’s another red scooter squeezed in next to him.

assuming that he’d parked it there - I’ve not seen many people moving other people bikes even scooters too be honest…

i’d have put my disc lock on that scooter…I don’t think I’d be able to knock it over, but I’d also be tempted to do that too as I left… there is no need to park that close.


So, Alistair, did you sort it? :wink:

cheeky bar stewards

Scooters get moved all the time. I know, I do it. Most people who are aware would only move them up NEAR to another vehicle though. Most likely the owner didn’t put his scooter that close.

Anyway, it’s London - if you get wound up over that you’ll be having a heart attack within a year. (I should probably insert an emoticon here but I hate them.)

lol re: him not moving his scoot that close: there is prolly a mirror thread on some scooterist only forum somewhere thats got a pic of your bike and a rant about how youve put your bike next to his :slight_smile:

yeah, i was at the very end of the bay so that helped. i didn’t see the chap who parked next to me. lucky him, unless he was some beefy brick shthouse of a person. in which case, lucky me. i’m cursed with a temper and no ability to fight.

I knock the bloody thing over for doing that.


If I saw someone manhandling my bike I think I would go mental.