scooter theft attempt

hi guys

another fun post - some scotes had a stab at stealing my girls vespa et2 50 last night. she has a flex chain which she normally puts through the rear wheel but was just through the luggage rack thing last night (she’s beating herself up over not having done this). my bike had an abus granite extreme attatched to my bike and through her chain (would have put it through her wheel but she had to be up and leave before me).

despite the flex chain thing being rubbish, they were not able to beat it (they broke the housing off and there are dent marks in it). looks almost like there were trying to pull it apart???

they ripped out the barrel and broke the steering lock

i’ve secured the bike in the meantime to stop them coming back to finish the job with tools (had they brought some simple tools, i reckon they’d have had it away but that’s by the by)

how easy is it to replace the iginition barrel? whats the cost and is it a novice bit of work with the right tools? if not can you recommend someone close to oxford circus area?

is it worth getting the steering lock fixed?

Hell JB, you need to move mate. ASAP

Oh, and I’m too busy cacking about taking the forks out of the 675 to think about ignition barrels

lol, this wasnt’ my place this time, it was hers. mines ‘relatively’ safe. she’s in the middle of central, nothing is safe there

I’ll check it out for you tomorrow mate when i come meet you to pick the new bike up…

Oh and the scoot…

Speak to Westie - he works at a Vesp dealer

maybe its time you did the right thing and let her move in with you… just for the safety of her ride of course …!

haha, will suggest that one to her. worth seeing her recoil in horror

good point on the westie front…

Clerkenwell Bikes are good, cheap and fairly central.

Run by a friendly guy called Olly, so she could take it down herself if it’s ridable.


Hey Johnny

Have a chat to Westie as he works for Scooter World. I think that a lock and barrel set is only about £30.