scooter stunters

impressive, at least they have their helmets on.

reminds me of ‘Shakey’ Byrne in fast bikes vid when he wheelied scoot all the way into town…very good

Really good ! These kids wil be in big bikes very soon!

Really impressive! And I love that Ruff Ryders song!

Phew, I thought you’d been filming me on the King’s Road!

Now that would be a sight. If you could, you might be able to become the odd member of the AWOL group.

Anyone know where theres a clip online of the scene in ‘Taxi’ (French original) where the pizza delivery bikes do a procession and a scoot does a lood-the loop? Tried to tell my mate about it and he thinks I was just caned! Virtual pat on the back/biscuit/other random accolade for assistance!