Scooter service

Hi All,
Newbie question! My Yamaha city still has a year left on the warranty.if I get it serviced by non Yamaha dealer warranty is invalid. Is it worth going to a main dealer( mine is expensive ,takes weeks to book a slot) or is the warranty provided by Yamaha pretty worthless? I’ve had the bike for a year with no problems so far. I’ve used metropolis up to now but what’s the Yamaha dealer like I. Blackfen? I’m se London boy!

I have no experience with scooter dealers, with bikes I don’t think service should invalid warranty. There is plenty of Yamaha garages around town and I’m sure all of them are cheaper than Metropolis. In the past we had one scooter rider here, but he felt bullied, alienated and abandon us, he might have more experience on that subject.
Last Yamaha garage when I serviced Mrs 125cc didn’t stamp log book when they were doing “small” service (oil/filter/spark plug) apparently there was not enough pages in the book. Do you have stamp every time or just invoice?


Thanks blade. I have it stamped every time. I’m a knowledge boy and will need the bike for another two years. Ill clock up 20000 miles by then but I won’t need it after I get my green badge!

do it yourself and save a fortune :wink:

scooters only £2k new so money saved on scooter after a few services etc will pay for a new one!

I doubt the warranty is invalid if you don’t use a Yamaha dealer. Use a respected professional garage and as long as the bike is fully serviced professionally using Yamaha parts should be good enough for any court. Anything else would probably fall foul of EU law. Just make sure there is a record of all the work they have done and that it complies with what a Yamaha dealer would have done. I doubt a city would be problematic to service for any competent scooter garage.