Scooter Rider who likes to punch - Nine Elms Lane

Psycho rider on the A3 up to Nine Elms route.

Big fella on a black maxi scooter - punched me in the head because “I got too close”. He has form another rider came and complained he’d done the same thing to him. Twice in as many weeks.

Worth a: avoiding, or if you’re big and handy b: kicking the crap out of him.


what a random thing to do?

get his reg and report him, if nothing else it wastes his time.

Unless it was a handy woman?

then say nothing and take the slap :smiley:

He would have a very bad day if he did that **** to me!
I’d do a police style rear wheel clip to send him into a low side then stamp on his head!

You just cant do that to another man and expect no retaliation!

What a pr1ck, he couldn’t have done much damage punching you though if you had your lid on?

If my COO wasn’t currently on holidays, I would have had a guess that it was him.

What a knob. Sorry to hear you were treated this way.

What did you do back?

Punched you in the head? Is he for real?

I ain’t even going to comment on this, But he will do this to the wrong person one day and find himself getting air lifted to hospital…

Moto! stop this crap!! i dont want to agree with u again!! I’d fook him up proper :angry:

The OP’s first post so possibly a pedal biker…guessing?

I have never read this before. A biker (Well scooter rider) punching another biker in the head??? WTF

Does anyone know who this cont is?

Not having this ****…

Who is the other biker that came and warned you about this prick aswell?

Give us some more info mate…

I thought biking was one big team, that’s the way I’ve approached the last 25 years of biking.

He had another go at me a day ago.

He’s well and truly reported now, common assault, his index in the computer and a flag on it, so maybe my cool (wimpy) handling will have helped. It didn’t hurt, and I didn’t retaliate, I’m too old to be rolling on the ground getting my *ss kicked.

I would like to hear from the other biker - South African guy on a black Vespa Habana, he’s the one who said he got whalloped as well.

Good that you have reported it. Clearly someone with issues!

Vespa and Habana are different things BTW.

It sounds like the coward is only picking on people who he categorizes as being more vulnerable. This guy needs to be swatted, big time!

How depressing, I’m a punching bag and now categorised as ‘vulnerable’. I’m only 41!:slight_smile:

I agree though, at some point he’ll pick on the wrong person and he deserves all he gets.

Couldn’t LB organise a ride-out … a BIG ride-out … to where this all happened and see what he tries to do then?

I bet he’d turn tail and a go as fast as he could in the general direction of away.

I think he’ll get his. He’ll do it to the wrong person who will see red. Some of those boxers from the East End are small chaps, maybe he’ll meet one of them.

It’s going to be a bit tricky to cause any damage hitting somebody on a bike, from another bike.

Next time, wait until the lights turn green and nick his keys before you ride off :smiley:

Can you reach over far enough to snap the key off in the lock?


A metal bar in his wheel?

WTF! I thought it must have been a cyclist- can’t believe he had another go at you…are you sure you didn’t steal his girlfriend or spill his pint or something?

just kick him off his bike road rash still ( if anyone remembers that game of the nintando game console