Scooter Restoration/Repair

I have a crash damaged Vespa PX200 sitting in my garage. It was written off by the insurance company after a non-fault accident I had 2 years ago, and neither of the insurance companies have ever asked for the V5 or keys or anything since they paid out, so I assume it’s still mine (I asked about buying it back at the time, but nothing was ever formalised).

The initial idea was that I was going to take it to pieces and restore it properly, but that’s probably unrealistic now that I have a small child and struggle to find time to even ride the bike.
But I was thinking of trying to get it back on the road so that I can give the Superduke a rest once winter and bad roads get here, or on the occasions I know I have to park up in certain parts of London I’m too afraid to leave the KTM.

So, are there any mechanics/bodywork people here (keen enthousiasts or professional), or know of any, who would be interested in picking up a “budget” project? I don’t want a mint restoration at this stage as I want to keep the costs down, but there was a fair amount of body damage, so it would need to be repaired and re-painted.
The engine was running well when it was last on the road, but obviously hasn’t ran for a long time now, so I’m thinking it may not be bad for it to be split to get restored at the same time.
I’m not in a hurry for it.