Scooter Question

4T 210cc gilera runner

Air box or Air filter

at the moment i currently have a very big Lamborghini orange with lots of little metal flakes air box with a big red mallosi sponge in hanging off my bike basically it takes up 2 parking spaces on its own and could be used on large buildings as a plane light plus i cant bolt it on because due to the fact i have a 210cc and love the speed it just unbolts its self and im running out of blots so it hangs and bounces (its safe though) lol

but i was thinking about putting a air filter on i have the big blue polini sponge as you all no they aint great in the rain but would be allot easier

Help me which one? and as i haven’t had a filter on yet what’s it going to sound like i already have the scorpion pipe on but that’s coming of when my bike gets sprayed.