scooter newbie here

alreet peeps

I’m a born n bred lancashire lad but I now live in london (for all my sins haha) I was born in the famous billinge hospital (inbetween wigan and st helens) aprox 00.20 03.01.1988…I lived in ashton-in-makerfield until I was about 7…moved to higher ince in wigan untill I was about 13…from wigan I moved to clinkham wood in st helens…up untill 4 years ago I spent my high school/college years living in ‘clinky wood’ in ‘sin tellens’ .I know live in the chalk farm (2 mins from camden town) area of camden in london which I have done for the past years…05-06 I lived in woodside park,nr north finchley and then I moved back to chalk farm.

haha so now you know how puss was lost and found lol


Hi mate and welcome aboard.

welcome to Lb northern type :slight_smile:

bet your suprised at electrikery n stuff aint ya :smiley:

Hello John

Welcome to LB :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Evening and Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB