Scooter Needed

Has anyone got a scooter I could lend for the weekend. (it will be well looked after) under 300cc.

With your fleet of bikes i’m amazed you don’t already have one lol

That is going to be one long ride out but i suspect quite a comfy one :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Stretch has a 125 vespa, it just needs rebuilding first!

Just read the details, unfortunately the WR doesn’t count as it’s not a step through…

Here you go cheap as chips eBay bargain

A little sticky back plastic, re-wire the ignition to keyless and you could be scooping the smallest bike accolade to boot :wink:

This one could be even cheaper and in London too

Sounds like it just needs a battery, go on you know you want too another eBay linky here

I have an ET2 you could borrow its not taxed or insured

& has a month left on the mot

I cant vouch for it reliability as its only done 30miles since the last MOT

but your more then welcome to have a go


Ours is available still! :smiley:

Hire one for 24hrs with unlimited mileage :w00t:

What`s the time line?

I am looking into that option. :slight_smile:

It may be worth having a word with Anthony at Walton Road Garage. They might be up for loaning/leasing a scooter for something like this.

OK Scooter sorted.:smiley: Now to plan my route. :smiley:

Vespa 300GTS

Well done! If it has to be a scooter, at least a very good one.

Dares ya to do scootersafe lol … honest im a learner

You might want to talk to Avi about battery “upgrades” for your GPS and cameras :wink:

Best of luck this weekend Mark :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to Marks Spot Tracker, it will go live at 2am.

International Scooter Insanity 1000 Miles - Marks Tracker

If any one can…Mark can :wink: