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Scooter ID help needed

Bought a new bike recently, couple weeks ago I received a NIP for doing 80 in a 40 on Princes Road in Dartford. Hasten to add that it wasnt me, my plate has been cloned as my bike is a red and black NC750 (I know, getting older!) and this was plainly some kind of big scooter. Can anyone identify the make of the scooter this arsehole is riding? Its really annoying as i live not far from that camera and i’ve been keeping an eye out for him but really would like to know what make/model it is. There’s a marker out on the plate now and its all in hand but i’d only ridden it twice before i received the NIP.! Thanks in advance. Cloned rear ender|352x499

Could be the Honda 750, X ADV or Forza.

my money is on the X-ADV

Honda X-ADV 750

Cheers guys, looks like that’s the one. Quite funky for a scoot! Now to try and find it, cant be that many around Dartford area.

If you go to here 2021 Forza 750 | Brand New 750cc GT Scooter | Honda UK

You can rotate the scooter to get almost the exact angle of your photo.

Looks like a right cheap scrote riding it.

Certainly does. Might have to use my spare disc lock if if see it parked up anywhere with my plate on it still