Scooter check Kings Cross

Coming round the corner from King Cross station this morning, King Cross Road towards Farringdon and notice a load of blokes in High viz jackets and (looked like) a plain clothes policeman in a stab proof vest (!) stopping scooters an checking them over.
I was following a CBR6 and they had one scooter in the coned lay-by and were just stopping another.

Were we just lucky…or is it National ‘Stop a Scooter day’…:wink:



that area has alot of kids on scoots, probabably why they are doing it.

you’re spot on there.
a high amount of dodgy scoots are passing through this area lately.

yup, see them all teh time, mainly gilera runners, the police in islington patrol on bikes, in 3’s, its that bad at times.

You guys better hide before the ‘OMG…you lot are so anti scooter’ gang come along :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…see my post in teh ‘first wheelie thread’ :smiley:

There was a stop opperation going on yesterday in Blacfriars - going under the rail bridge heading east. Saw several bikes ride past and the guys in jackets marshall a few scooters to side of road.

My guess would be tax/ MOT/ Insurance checks etc as theydo with diesel checks in city some times…

just went out to get lunch…

spotted a young lad on a runner, no number plate, checking out bikes in a bay, he went off, and came back from teh opposite direction, through a red light on teh wrong side of the road, all this right by islington nick, they really dont give a monkeys do they, the kids that is.

I think that the Police stopping bikes or scoots for a period is fine

Nothing wrong with my bike so no fear from me

Also if it means that they catch anyone on a stolen or uninsured bike then good on them

I was stopped at one of these last summer and they were very nice and only took 5 mins

I thought I saw a “real bike” stopped there yesterday.

Careful there. He is probably looking for an easy bike to nick! NOT joking, this is how they operate, only next time he comes by with a pillion + screwdriver to bust the ingition and steering lock and bye bye bike. Saw one checking out my bike earlier in the year. I had it chained up so it was not an easy target.

i know EXACTLY how they operate mate, he wasnt no where near my bike, he was checking out scoots not big bikes.