Scootay night at ace 3/10/05

I think its scootay night at ace. So who’s coming to watch the numerous crashes that are the norm?

Just watch out for those little thieving chavs, my mates helmet got nicked yesterday at ace whilst he was filming.

yeh snap i might take ride over there later on around 8ish - love the crashes.

sorry to read about your mates lid being lifted.


I’ll be there around that time too. See you there. It was Brad’s helmet - i think you met him Darryl, the one with the dt125 supermoto.

cool!-see you there.

brad . sh*t!.

what was happening at ace last night?.

Nothing special just was a good day to be out on the bike. Unfortuntely Rasta crashed his bike, he’s ok though.

Argh, not AGAIN!! What is he like!!! He’s just got that thou… I made him promise me he wouldn’t stack it, I hate it when people go against their word! Doh.

Ahh wish i could come down damn!