Sci-Fi LED Jacket

Looks quite mad. Imagine something like this for biking? Red lights on your back and white ones on your front? Would make you a hell of a lot more visible to others.

There is a priest that sometimes preaches with a mega phone near Surrey Quays, has one of these that says Jesus saves on the back. Would be good if you could custom your own message.

Do you know whow with, or can you ask him next time you see him. Im looking for a high interest account at the moment.

A common misconception, “saves” as in “stores data”. He doesn’t need to save money when He owns it all already :slight_smile:

cool!!! heres the back:

Shirley it’s “saves” as in “prevents a bad thing happening”, isn’t it?

Yes it must be, MS Windows isn’t that old. Just having a laugh at the Boss’s expense. I’ll pay for it later, I assure you :smiley:

With those lights running up the hood, isn’t there a danger of very small aircraft mistaking your head for a landing strip? :smiley:

The back looks cool! I would ride with one of those. It’s very sci-fi, but I think it’s where we’re heading. The future is only round the corner after all. Would you ride with something like this?

I want one on my back with …STOP HOGGING THE MIDDLE LANE on it so cagers on the A13 get the hint:D

That is the coolest thing I have seen all year, reminds me of Tron a bit, or that weird big dude in Arnies ‘Running Man’ that sings opera - Dynamo…

love it - do they make one in green for Yslart?

You had to go there didn’t you. You realise I will have to see that everyday at work next year don’t you? Think before you speak! :wink: :smiley:

I does look good ;):slight_smile:

Oh please, no… :crying:

Not sure I’d wear one, don’t really wanna look like a christmas tree.

I’m not too sure red is a good colour for the back unless you can link it to your brake light?

OK people, now this is why it’s not a good idea, do we all remember being kids and when our Mum’s told us they liked that new t-shirt, jumper, pair of jeans we’d just bought, yep that’s right, we either never wore them or took them back…so be warned, if Yslart says it looks good then alarm bells should start to ring! :smiley:

Harsh, but you make a good argument :smiley:

You batsrads :w00t:;):smiley:

It’s true, my parents never even met :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if they do them with orange lights :stuck_out_tongue: