Schwalbe Marathon London Bicycle tyres

I know this is a motorbike forum but thought I’d offer this to any human powered 2 wheelers before I stick them on ebay.

I have a pair of brand new Schwalbe Marathon London bicycle tyres, they’re puncture resistant (just tried sticking a drawing pin through them and it wouldn’t go through) and have reflective text & pictures on the sidewalls. Won them in a competition but when they arrived they’re the wrong size for my bike.

They’re the 700 x 35c size, which I guess makes them suitable for most hybrid bikes, possibly tourers as well.

They’re going for £25 each in the shops from the quick check I did, i’ll take £30 for the pair - I’m based in Tooting but I could probably sling them over my shoulder like a bandolier and bring them into Southwark/borough market or nearby.