Schumacher in bike crash

Zis is not how ve take ze corner! :hehe:

I just spoke to my sister who doesn`t live far from where he is.

I never knew he owned a bike racing team. If he was testing, he must have been pushing it a bit, so i guess he is is quite lucky just to get away with a few scratches.

does anyone know what team he owns and what competitions they race?

He does testing for one of the top teams, my memory fails me as to which one. It’s been a long day.

Every manufacturer is throwing all the toys they can at him to try and reap the publicity which is fair enough.

He has raced in the german IDM championship on a superbike but not won anything in that. He has his own team on hondas I think and will be riding again this year…i think.

If he tests any teams bike it’s for publicity - he’s ridden the xerox ducatti and ten kate honda and both have offered him a spot in wsbk even though he is way off the pace…he turned them down.

I love the way the guy topples off in testing and it makes international news :w00t: Just imagine what will happen if he has a propper crash!?

ten kate honda

Is it me, or does it look like theyve just cut a picture of his head out and stuck it on someone else’s leathers!?

Haha… I see what you mean. His head just doesn’t fit his body :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha – nice one PPG – it’s either Photoshop or he’s developed some very camp vogueish moves! :slight_smile:

But it neve:)r did…