schuberth helmets

hey bought one of these and they really are comfy fog free and quiet…anyone else tried them,…got an odd flaking on the visor on the inside though, no idea what that is will take it back…looks like a thin layer of plastic, think it might be the anti mist material but it isnt any good if it comes off…

Sure you haven’t left on the anti scratch protective film? :smiley:

I had one on loan for a weekend and it was very good. Great fit, very quiet and comfortable. Good ventilation and a built-in sun visor.

I’ve got a C2 and love it - very quiet and I think it’s possibly one of the few flips that is totally cardbon fibre… not just the helmet part.

Where did you get yours from? The cheapest place I’ve found is

H :o)

I also have a C2, had some issues, but on the whole I am extremely impressed. Very comfortable, quiet, and makes putting a helmet on a breeze (glasses).

The flaking is the anti mist layer coming off. I have found after a while it looses its effectiveness. Intend on drilling holes and fitting a pinlock as that is the only downside.

That’s pretty poor (if the anti mist comes off so soon). They’re not cheap kit, and for that money I’d expect them to be better quality. Shame (but they don’t seem to go round my longish head anyway)