Schuberth Concept

I’m in the market for a new flip, especially as Macp and Chad was taking the Mickey out of my Harley one

I’ve noticed that Infinity are doing the Schuberth Concept for a knock down price (£199) but was wondering whether it is a good lid? Is it quiet etc?

Anyone got one and/or have any advice?


Aint Matt got one?

Only noticed the huge bike, not his lid

Listen to the Podcast you Womble!!!

I nicked my ma’s one as she never wore it and I needed a pillion helmet. Its quite heavy but quiet by all accounts (too small for me to try).

If it fits you you are welcome to test ride it for a week? Will you be at Cubana tomorrow?

I did, and he has an S1 not a Concept

Although Macp did crash in one.

i thought it said concert i was thinking why would you be talking about some fat waner singing about some sht that you cant understand…

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LOL Nutter

Yeah I have the S1 not the C1 - the old C1 is being sold off cheap - it’s still a stunning lid though - exceptionally quiet and comfortable - but it is heavy compared to the S1.


The C1 is worth it. Crashed in one so no worries there and really easy to use vents - sturdy and a neat thing with the visor - it can pop forward when closed a little bit and let air in. Sun visor is a neat idea - although on these its smaller

Stable at speed and it aint got Harley D on it - which if you aren’t on a harley when wearing it looks odd.

Good visability although at first it feels like you’re in a fish bowl. Bargain price and the old bill use them - or did!

Silver or black would be my choice…

Top advice. Thanks

I have a C2 and it is great so much so I bought the wife a concept for when she goes on the back. She hasn’t worn it properly yet but when she was trying it on in the shop she said it was as comfortable as her Arai, if not more so.
I love the fact that if you need to talk or go in to pay for petrol you can just flip up the front plus the vision seems to be a bit wider, it is also a lot quieter and the sun visor is spot on.

And you look a bit like a starship trooper in yours (though black of course)

I would say more Battlestar Galatica than starship trooper and matt black is the only way to go unless you get a custom job in pink with your name on the back