Schuberth C2 Helmet

Hi all,

I have a schuberth C2, which I find very comfortable. However in the last couple of days it seems as if the inside of the visor is peeling. It isn’t old, about 8 weeks only. I haven’t got it wet. I wonder if it the anti-fog coating coming off.

Has anyone had this experience?

I had a similar thing with the antifog on my Caberg, thing is I had used a glass cleaner on it and it reacted with the coating, if you haven’t used anything on it then take it back to where you bought it.

It is well known problem, take it back and get the visor replaced under warranty.

If you do a google search for for Schuberth & peeling you’ll see it’s a bit of a common problem with some of their visors, which I assume is why they now do a pinlock version too.

If you take it back to the dealers they should replace it for you.