School run

Argh, does anybody else really hate the bloody school run? One of the muppets (in an SUV, what else) blocked the whole road again and not even cyclists managed to get through. Why can’t the bloody kids walk to school, they all bloody live locally.

Frothing at the mouth right now.



don’t worry Andrea…try to avoid taking the bike out during the hours of 08:25 - 09:00 & 14:45-15:45…

School run should be banned… make em walk or ride to school, I had to

My kids would walk to school but, the school is on the way to my work and I have to be at work for 9. If we were to walk I would be late. So no job, no pay, no bike…

We will continue to drive…

You could always change the route, thus avoiding the school area. I can appreciate that some parents have to take the kids to school by car but why do they insist on getting as near the blasted gates as possible before they let their precious cargo out of the car. Double yellows, red lines, barred areas, they don’t seem to give a stuff about, if there is the slightest space they are in it, if not, double parking seems to be fine.

Cant have their dear little darlings actually walk can they!!! I find hooting and reving the bike in a very unsocial manner whilst looking threatening does have it’s advantages. My wife takes our daughter to nursery but manages to park like a decent person and walk a short way to drop her off, she gets very pissed off with those mothers/farthers who just dont give a shit and double park in front of the nursery despite being asked not to do so

The Tarts in Trucks and chelsea tractors get right on my wick. The wrapping in cotton wool and dropping lil’ Johnny off have added dis-proportinately to the traffic on the road.

The play station generation are not getting the exercise they need to stay healthy. On the plus side this should be the last day this week I need to use the cage and so as traffic wont affect me on the bike I won’t care from tomorrow.

Forgot to say:-

There is an old addage which goes, if ya can’t ride, drive. If ya can’t drive get a 4x4.

Thanks for all your great advice, I will now have to tell my boss that I can’t possibly come to work anymore as I have to avoid all the schools on the way to work (that will mean riding for hours outside London and no traffic), don’t ride during school run hours (I hear there are brilliant country pubs out there for a stop over).

There must be some officers of the law here, is it actually illegal to hurt people who drive SUVs in town? Surely not!

Still trying to think how to make an excuse out of breathing for not doing any work. Any suggestions will be more than welcome.

Madness isn’t it? I had to walk and cycle to school, why are kids incapable of it nowadays?

There are various reasons for kids being taken to school now when they were not before.

We have to look at the current state of the country for a start, most parents around city parts are scared that something is going to happen to their little precious one and like to deliver them straight to school. In times gone past, and this is not sexist, the female parent didn’t used to work and so could complete the task of getting the children to school by foot. Now that lots of them work, they have no real option but to drop the children by car. Now I am not standing up for this practice, but, I can see their point of view. Inconsiderate driving and parking however, is something we could all do without.

We also have to appreciate that sometimes the school is not just down the road as it used to be. Due to being able to chose schools, many children have to travel further to get to the school of their parents choice.

And now for the crunch one, most of the kids nowdays are so unfit they couldn’t walk to the end of the road without being out of breath…

On the subject of Chelsea Tractors … I’m sure the people buying these things are the same insecure (about driving) [email protected] that used to buy the Volvos!!

Why does anyone that lives in such a built up area as London need a SUV/4x4. I am yet to meet an owner who has actually been off road (apart from parking with one wheel on the kerb)

Every owner you speak to says they own one because it makes them feel safe. How about looking where you are going???

Anyone watch Fifth Gear on the weekend??? They had a crash test. Land Rover v a Renualt Espace. Renaualt espace wins. I was grinning ear to ear!!!!&show=s9e2&section=On%20test

Chuffster, good points, shame society is like that huh. Rik, it makes them feel safe and prestigious! Plonkers.

I will hold my hands up, I have one of the things, now don’t judge me cos of it. I used to live somewhere where we got snow more often than other places in the south. I had a wife who was not too good at driving. I had 3 kids to get to school, some miles away. But thats not why I bought the thing, I needed to tow a boat and a caravan, 4X4 power is a must for slippery dock conditions with a boat.

we just brought a warrior because we wanted to simple as that if we couldnt buy vehicle’s that would not be or could not be used to their full potential i guess most of us would be riding c90’s just a thought

5th Gear was a real eye opener. Bet there were a lot of tractor drivers looking at that and thinking “bugger”!!! As someone who ownes a Renault Scenic I was chuckling to myself, it may not be cool, it may be a “soccer mom” car but it’s safer than something which costs 3 times as much!!! He he eh