Scary stuff


Well, they are motorised toys… possibly the best motorised toys available. Better than the 4-wheel motorised toys (no mention of banning impractical 4x4s and Ferraris for the same reasons hmmmm). This is all leading up to a world where the only permitted private vehicles will be some sort of futuristic Trabant. Oh joy. :frowning:

And whats wrong with a trabant ?..good old East German automobile :D:D

It’s a bargaining chip, they’re probably after something less extreme like the 100bhp limit they have in France.

scaremongering IMO


Thats what i think!!!

Nanny state, not what I want from life. Poor French with their 100bhp limit

Public Announcement by the Adult Entertainment Industry:

Motorised toys are great and if the world had more motorised toys it would be an all round happier place. :w00t:

Public Announcement by the Adult Entertainment Industry:

Motorised toys are great and if the world had more motorised toys it would be an all round happier place.

Adult toys with a 100bhp limit? Seems pretty sensible to me.

As for ACPO, what can be said? Having met a couple of CPO’s in my time, I can assure you that they were the sort to give narrow minded reactionary old farts a bad name.

Made out of CARDBOARD!!!

I actually sat down and read the whole of the government paper mentioned in the article.
As usual, MCN takes one small piece of text and ignores the rest of the 416 pages.
There are a lot of positives in there about making biking safer - optimising grip levels across the road surface including manhole covers, education to make other road users more bike aware etc.
The ACPO bit is just a small section and will probably be ignored like most of their idiotic suggestions.
At the end of the day, the ACPO delegates are just quasi-politicians who say what they think they want people to hear to further their own causes.

Motorised toys! WTF! I agree that they may be motorised toys for the weekend warriors (who probably account for a disproportionate number of fatalities - e.g. high speed sports-bike accidents) - but for the rest of us who use our bikes to get to and from work they are an essential and supremely practical piece of transport that helps to ease the chronic congestion that blights the south east.- I for one would find getting to and from my job - which occurs at various locations around the south east far more difficult without my bike.After WWII and well into the 50’s and 60’s loads of men and women road motorcycles and scooters to get to and from work as car ownership was not viable for most people in that era. Try telling them that their transport was a ‘toy’. The idea that these machines are ‘toys’ is a joke.

Yes there will, it will involve a nice piece of willow and a room full of mindless bureaucrats.

Stress relief is what it will be called and it will be a bloody affair. :w00t:

Anybody read “Motoring Telegraph” today?

O.K. I know some of the words are long and your lips get tired, and you get a dirty digit, but Kevin Ash did a nice job on the ACPO “evidence” to the Commons Select Committee.

The presenter (David Griffin, DCC, Humberside) of the pile of cr*p is a bit sheepish. Seems he didn’t write it, his predecessor did, and he’s a motorcycle rider. Stuffed I’d say. Or spineless for not correcting the notable inaccuracies.

Looks like ACPO may have to appologise to the Select Committee.

Ash also wrote the excelent review of the Dorsoduro on the same page. I think I want one of those, or a Ducati Hypermotard, or…