Scary Junctions

Saw this just now:

Surely they’re only scary if you don’t know them very well.

I have to admit that if you pull out of Infinity and want to go East on the A406 it’s quite daunting to cut across 4 lanes of rush hour traffic.:wink:

I think Hyde Park Corner was the worst before they put in the traffic lights:w00t:

I knew there was a purpose of Hanger Lane! It’s there to wind you up for A406 race track:D

Hanger Lane G on a bike isn’t so bad. It might be much worse in a cage in this weather, with misted windows, in the dark, and maybe raining. And having to cope with the phone, sat-nav, etc…

I didn`t think Hanger was as bad as that, you just have to have your wits about you.

I’d much rather tackle it on the bike.

Obviously we see the traffic on it everyday and car drivers do have a tendancy to ‘attack’ it like they’re on sum kinda suicide mission. It does tend to be every man / woman - for himself / herself :crazy:

I use Hanger Lane, Marble Arch and do not find them scary. Hyde Park Corner which I go around everyday has its moments. For me the most scary are the ‘star’ roundabouts in Hertfordshire (there is one just south of Hemel Hempstead). It is a giant two way roundabout with mini roundabouts at each junction. I find it really hard to work out who has the right of way and cars seem to come at you from every angle!

Elephant and Castle’s a bit of a challenge!

i hate pulling out of infinity its very scary!!, another of my hate road bits is the grosvenor place road that runs down towards victoria.

I hate the way at Vauxhall Gyratory absolutly no one takes any notice of the lane markings.

As for the bit in the article about women avoiding complex junctions. I once worked with some who said she never, ever turned right - she would plan out routes so there were only ever left turns! She commuted by car every day from Bermondsey to Kingston and back!

Hee hee! Shurely shome mishtake- it can’t be possible to get to Kingston without turning right? Maybe Googlemaps could take this up with a ‘no right turns’ option on their directions:)


Thinking exactly the same…London ones have never bothered me (maybe used to them now) don’t enjoy any in the car anyway, but tried getting round that one in Hemel last weekend…apparently it’s called ‘The Magic Roundabouts’…:wink:

What makes me laugh was the elephant and castle junction!! how it is just a giant roundabout most of which has traffic lights anyway.

Agree with you there westy, that road is just narrow enough to make filtering a real dice…Hyde Park Corner is OK, but the surface is terrible on the north side, all the busses have put big ridges in the tarmac, so you can be filtering and find yourself heading towards the side of a car when you want to go down the middle :crazy:…

All of the above areas a piece of p**s in my artic !! foot down and sod em all lmao :smiley: