Scariest bloke you've even encountered

Knicked off a footie site:

So per the title, who’s the scariest bloke you’ve ever encountered?

My contribution:

After a series of armed robberies on expats, one of my employers arranged some security training with one of those firms that specialises in such.

The guy who came and spoke to us was an Israeli and I’d wager ex-mossad. He did, amongst other things, the local negotiations to settle kidnappers and secure release of those kidknapped.

He explained that legally, the only people who could carry weapons in Nigeria were the police, no foreigners were allowed guns. I asked why would we bother with an escort from his firm then, seeing as how they would be unarmed protecting us from violent armed robbers/kidnappers.

He just smiled and said ‘we have our ways’.

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BL I would say you’re the scariest bloke I’ve ever met.

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Behave. Booting it round with bikers to enjoy tea and cakes at rural teashops.

*but yeah, dont mess :grinning: