Mrs J says I have to make a will and it`s dinner in ten minutes.:ermm:

Oh dear, the Tequila’s kicked in:crazy: You’re so gonna regret this in the morning

Is it your favourite (last) meal ??

No. The crackling was Ok but there was too much roast pork, roast potatoes, parsnips, stuffing, cabbage, carrots & gravy for my liking. . Having to wash it down with plenty of red wine to help my arteries out. I’m sure she’s not trying to kill me off intentionally but all this sex and dogwalking is making me a shadow of my former self:crying:

Thank you Jackie for your kind concern. We haven’t seen you for ages - do come out soon as you may not see me before she does me in:sick:

Dont worry, i’ll have a word and tell her not to do it before I get back on R&R and we can go for a rideout… Then she can crack on :smiley:

Has she extended your life insurance cover?

Oh no - can you tell her to postpone until we’ve had a catch up and a huggle!

I`m sure Mrs J will oblige, she seems to want me to cuddle all the girls inappropriately recently.

As I`m a true, husband I feel obliged to accomodate her peccadilloes.

This made me laugh and reminded me of a conversation with my mate
Me ‘Ok pal?’
J "Nah man’
Me ‘What’s up?’
J ‘I’m slightly on edge to tell the truth’
Me ‘How come?’
J ’ My wife found out how much I’m worth to her dead. She asked me to do a job which involved going up a ladder. I refused. I left the house before she awoke.’
D (supressing laughter) ‘What now?’
J ’ I intend to spend this morning signing over every last penny to the kids, then booking us into a pizza restaurant for tonight so that when I tell her off the cuff she can’t make a scene’

Happy days.

:w00t: :smiley: