I got a canon p140, printer/scaner,

it s not scanning, it prints,

not used it to scan for a long time now,

any1 know?

apart from bin it, get new 1.

Without looking at your computer quite hard to say but I would suggest doing the following to see if it resolves the issues

Download latest software for printer (If you can tell me what version of Windows your running, I will give you a link for this)
Disconnect the usb cable from the printer
Uninstall the software for it from the computer
reboot the computer
Install the software again and connect the USB cable when prompted

See what happens…

Or I brought a Wireless Scanner/Printer/Copier from the Comet the other day for £35 and this was before the xmas sales, it was a canon Pixma MP495, nice and small, print quality is ok and cartridges aren’t too bad…

Thanx its a vista windows,

I did look for the download for it , but there was only a canon p150,

mine is the p140.

Assuming you are running Vista 32bit, these are the corrects according to Canon

Thanx will try it. n let you know how i get on, nice 1