Scala Rider

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with these?

I’ve got to run power into my bike anyway at the moment, but a set of these would save a set of cables hanging out on the bike for use with the Autocom I currently have.

I see that the G4 is out now, but MAN is it expensive :frowning:

I have got the Q2 (Orange dot)

By far the best at its job. tested at 135 in france and is crystal clear.

Bike to bike to bike

Bike to phone

Bike to ipod- Via special cable

FM Radio

Bike to tom tom If you wanted to have not tried as I like getting lost

And all are interchangable at the same time. Brilliant. Really worth the money £150

Thanks - I’m hoping that the Q2 will do what I want - I’m not really worried about stereo :slight_smile:

Is there any way to replace the ear pieces on it with a plug-in pair of earbuds like you can with the Autocom ?

Works excellently with the new 3Gs iphone.

Voice commands on the phone really takes advantage of the unit. Also, you can request artists/albums/similar etc. If the person has multiple phone numbers, it then asks you ‘home, Mobile or Office’… cool :hehe:

My old phone didn’t have this, and I tried plugging MP3 player in via cable, but then you lose the phone functionality, as the music still streams in if you’re taking a call. (Need to have an ‘in-line’ volume control to muck about with.)

Overall, a good buy, fantastic battery life, but the radio is shite. :smiley:

Are you using the Q2 or the G4 ? I wonder by your mention of the 3Gs :slight_smile: From what I can see, I can get stereo music by using the MP3 cable on the Q2 but I have to shell out for the G4 to get that over the bluetooth because of the lack of A2DP in earlier models.

At least my TomTom would work as I can just set it to FM transmitter and tune the Q2 to that.

Hmmm - looking around, the only earbud modification for these is a DIY job… I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that :frowning:

Who better to get a gadget review from than Engadgenet? ;D

Last time I was in Maplins, or was it RS, there were so many adapter plugs for audio and video stuff I had to go home and come back with the kit. (Got a short lead for about a £1.)

I’m sort of sure that if you rock up with what kit you have and ear buds you want to use and get the right help there will be something in a plastic bag for pennies to do the job.

The main issue is that you have to cut the existing speakers off, and then solder connections on, then modify your earbuds.

I don’t mind chopping my earbuds, but I’m pretty sure that chopping the speakers off of the scala might void the warranty :wink:

It’s a pity really - autocom do (did?) a supported mod that they were happy for you to use - that meant you kept your warranty AND had the sound you wanted :smiley: