Scala G4 Powerset

Ordered yesterday from and arrived in the office this morning.

Looks like a quality product from the box. Excited to get it home and get started.

I’ve done a fiar bit of research before this purchase, and hope it lives up to my expectations. Keep you all posted…

Yep :cool:

Good bit of kit.

I used a Nolan Ncom before which I really liked for mobile connection but the Bluetooth rider to rider range is quite impressive on the G4.

Tip…Make sure you update the firmware on the unit itself otherwise it seems to miss the first word of a sentence when connected to satnav (instead of “Left turn ahead” it’ll say “Turn ahead”) as by the time it re-connects to your tomtom it misses the first word. Updating the firmware sorted this problem though.

Another good function is the temporary connection facility…If you see someone at the lights etc with a G4 you can double tap one of the buttons (a or b cant remember offhand) and it sends a beep to the closest rider who then presses their button and viola…you are temporarily connected to say hi…It disconnects if unused for 10 seconds.

Also has built in radio and MP3 connection facility.

Good bit of kit and works well with Urban Rider TomTom.


I was planning on coupling it with the TomTom, but that will have to wait till next month!

If you are going for TomTom then try to get the Urban Rider…It has a ‘Windy Road’ function on it that is bloody brilliant :cool:

Is that feature not on Version 2?

Not sure as I don’t have version 2 but every other TomTom I have seen has not got it and it is that good I would not buy one without it.

I have the scala teamset pro and its a great piece of kit, usually get about 9 hours out of the battery which is plenty!

One thing to look out for is the power pin in the headset, mine has just broken off from taking the plug in and out. Scala has a 2 yr warrenty but you need to send it to the USA :blink:

Hopefully its back for the choccie run!

So, I had it all out of the box last night, did the firmware update and got the units connected to the helmets, and the phone, all pretty straightforward. Did give them a quick test out on the bike, and all seemed well. Although, I am sending it back today, to replace with the corded mic version. Point to note. The boom mic doesn’t fit comfortably inside my Arai Chaser V, can feel the mic against my mouth, and it was getting annoying, it was fine in the GF’s Shark full face helmet. From pictures online, the corded mic looks flatter, like the earpieces, so I’m hoping that will suit better.

i like my scala!!! Its awesome!

My OH’s aria does touch her mouth, she finds it a bit annoying but its lasted a year so far…

I’m quite tempted by these. I have an old BT unit at the moment, but still listen to podcasts and music through my earphones from my phone.

Has anyone used these for listening to music?

I dont normally have music on but did try it and it was fairly decent, not much bass but what can you expect from the flat speakers. Actually sounded better with earplugs in. Welcome to try mine when I make it to a meet, I have a Nolan N105 fat head edition so should fit anyones.

I listen to radio, podcasts and ipod all via bluetooth through the G4. Its great. I like my bass and these speakers dont have any bass. Shame. I know its possible to wire on some bigger speakers for bass and sound quality. its clear and sharp and i like it

Just to clear a few things up.
I’ve got one of these on the way and I did loads of research so answering the questions is no problem.

The rider to rider intercom on the G4 DOES NOT use bluetooth, its range is a little over a mile IN CLEAR, OPEN SPACE.
The corded mic is MUCH flatter and will fit better on most helmets.
The G4 has a built in FM receiver for your radio shows.
This firmware update is not a fix, it REMOVES a feature that most users deemed undesirable. The first word activates the listening function, then the sentence is the command.
New firmware removed this so it is always listening. Not sure what this has done to the battery life.

Hope i’ve cleared some stuff up