SBK in London

Hi, i`m italian and i need help! I looking for a place to watch the SBK in London cause i don’t have SKY in my flat, i try to go at SPORT BAR in piccadilly last week end but they show only rugby and football! PLEASE HELP ME!

(sorry for my english)

First up, welcome to LB.

What’s your steed and where yer based?

As for SBK, good question. Perhaps we need to sort this out

i have a Daytona 600 (04) that i leave in Italy

A Triumph man, welcome indeed, LOL

Yeah, WSB is only on Eurosport and I reckon you’ll struggle to find it on a pub screen. Perhaps a local pub would put it on for you if there was nothing else on, and the pub was quiet. Sometimes works for me anyway.

Hey there italianTHUG, welcome to LB! I don’t know of any places that put it on specifically, but if you live near another LB’er, I’m sure someone will offer a seat on their sofa for you to share the experience with!

Left in Italy! Just not cricket old chap And why’s it not a Ducati!?

When a bike from Italy breaks down, it’s “displaying character”

When a bike produced by your own country breaks down it’s just disappointing.

Let’s hope I don’t have to eat those words…


IT, where is Londinium are you?

Why, are you offering him a seat on your sofa to watch Eurosport? If so, where’s my invite, I live in a conservation zone so am not allowed to have satellite dishes…

If you’d only said earlier Pav! Leftover beef wellington and SBK, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven Missus is a damn fine cook

Next time

Now i’m in Willesden Green

Cause Ducati is fucking expensive!!

LOL. Fair enough.

Awesome! But maybe is better if I change my nickname…

…italianNICEGUY ?