Saying Hi!


Is this Rusty?


Know one remembers him…

Love Octagon
Strange that as he came after Sherlock ?


If that’s what turns you on Rusty?

Love Octagon
Love Octagon is the 19th episode of Season 3 of My Name Is Earl, and the 65th episode overall. When Earl finally wakes up from his coma, he believes in Karma again and considers Billie his soul mate, but he doesn't know where to find her, so he asks her ex-boyfriend Frank for help.


Is this Rusty?

Love Octagon

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Well it's good to know someone's policing the forum... Good work sherlock! Love Octagon
you'll have to excuse him, force of habit :D


Is this Rusty?


If we’re going to have Trolls can we at least have new Trolls? And if this is some game by the management to make the forum more interesting all it does is put people off.

Jay an “ignore / block” button would be great to have next on the list.


Oh come on Joby don’t be like that :kissing_heart:


right where’s this troll.  i’ll catch him Joby dont be scared.


Troll? Who’s the troll?

right where's this troll.  i'll catch him Joby dont be scared. silveR6
Aha, see!  I said Alba is the scary one on here!


Oh yeah - Hi Love Octagon. Do you really love this film?  I think it’s brilliant, well ahead of it’s time for fight choreography:


Hmmmm no.


Hmmmm no.

Love Octagon
But the film is called The Octagon.


Not Love Octagon though…? Tumble weeds are blowing across the street right now.


Martin, doesn’t take much to scare a troll tbh.
Just because you’re scared of me it doesn’t make me scary :grin:




Whoops. Wrong thread. As you were.


Have i missed something?? there seems to be a lot of tension in the air, Is Love Octagon someone in disguise and you all know who it is?? or has there been previous??


> Have i missed something?? there seems to be a lot of tension in the air,

You’re on LB, tension in the air’s what holds this place together.