Saying hello!

Just saying hello as I’m new!
I hope this is in the right spot?
This lockdown is getting boring!!
I’m off out for a stealthy blast on my RSV4 today so I’m looking forward to that at least.
Thanks for having me!


Welcome Apeman. You’ll find many relatives here.

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Welcome @APEMAN!

Be careful though, cops are puling people over and fining them for those not on essential trips. We’re asking folks to stay at home as it’s taking resources away from the NHS when people crash (and they are) and helping to spread the virus around at petrol stations, etc.

Got any pics of your ride? I used to have an RSV4. Loved it.


Hi Jay,

I have stocked up on fuel in the garage mate so I won’t visit any petrol stations.

Also been at home for three weeks so the chances of having it are literally non existent.

As for crashing…I don’t plan on it!

Just blowing a few cobwebs off the roads are much safer than they usually are now as traffic is very low thankfully.

Nice, love the blacked-out look :slight_smile:

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Ktech, ohlins, race ecu with full to Akrapovic…never had a bike that does everything so well.

Welcome aboard APEMAN. I love your bike!

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So do I! Thanks!

Welcome Apeman. Are we related? Only separated by one letter.

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And also one gene :rofl:

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I think it’s all capitals for APEMAN! :grinning:

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Welcome - always got time for a V4

I’m choosing to keep my bikes parked up but I understand why you’ve taken her out, a safe journey out on the bike for 30 minutes can do wonders for the mental health and we all need to be looking out for that right now. Were there many other bikers out?

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Well, everyone’s been very nice so far.
I’d urge you to respect the work of the country’s health professionals and think about your selfish and dangerous actions. Nobody plans to fall off, but if you’re out larking about and do so, you’re placing and unncesary burden on our accident and emergency department, and increased risk on our key workers. I think it’s fucking disgraceful that you think it is ok to bend the rules to suit yourself when thousands of people are dying, and the black and white is that what you are doing is morally wrong.


I’m off out again today mate! Was out on a ZX10RR yesterday and I must say what a cracking bike!!

The roads are excellent for riding right now so I’m making the most of em😉

Stupidity and selfishness at its best.


Ok, well I tried to be polite and make you think sensibly like a grown up. Turns out you’re a fucking stupid selfish prick. I genuinely hope and wish you get a fine every single time.

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I’m dropping tyre pressures a little today so hopefully I’ll get knee down everywhere I go!

I’ll have to go to the garage today though but I’ll keep my distance when paying😘

Come out for a ride it’ll be fun?!

Thanks but I’ve always been told to avoid feeding trolls and you look particularly hungry.

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