Saw this on the Ace FB page

Good idea in theory. Not too sure about in practice?!/168882873153365/timeline/story?ut=3&hash=5015562782844074014&wstart=0&wend=1372661999&pagefilter=1&ustart&__user=100000104172060

Also see another bike nicked from Greenwich area! Black and gold 675.

What s going on with stolen bikes in Greenwich???

More importantly what the FECK are the local Greenwich Police doing about it???

Hint: Put some sting bikes out there …do a 4 week campaign … Result? …all the thieving bike gang cnuts locked up …EASY!

It’s probably no more than 4 individual scrotes doing this - catch one- raid their homes - Result? No more Greenwich bike thefts!

My 6 year old could do a better job than the Greenwich plod on this!

Grrr it makes my blood boil! :pinch::frowning:

Some poor bugger had his Harley nicked from outside his house in Blackheath a few days ago too. So theyre obviously not fussy :Whistling:
Seems to be a lot of foreign registered bikes being lifted. Maybe they aren’t familiar with the concept of “unless theres a pack of hungry wolves circling your bike, its going walkabouts” yet.

This guy had his GSX found thanks to it being hidden with a Ducati fitted with a tracker.
Old Bill 1 - thieving cnuts 0!/story.php?story_fbid=551078451600470&id=168882873153365&from_feed=1&__user=100000104172060