Saw the Queen today

Saw her and prince philip near embankment…I guess they were going home. Queen was wearing nice purple hat.

On the tube was she?

that is for poor subjects like me.

Just a hat?


Were they sleeping rough under the arches, what newspapers did they have as blankets (The times).

Yeah and a perpetually half full can of stella and a scabby dog on a string.

is westie back in town then?

I saw her too - wearing the same dress and hat she had on at Ascot on Sat :Whistling:

I was at the front of the traffic that had been stopped, I hid behind my dark visor & I mimicked her wave and Prince Phillip gave me a smile - the queen looked straight ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

…did you take any pictures of the scene?.

You should of gone up to her and had a chat.

Was her hat like this one??