Saw gsxr spinning in flames on a406

Saw the most striking sight about 6.30 pm today driving west bound on the north circ just climbing the last flyover before the a10. just past ikea.

I jest not. I saw a gsxr spinning horizontally through the air with flames coming off it smash into the central reservation barrier on the other side of the carriage way. The rider was a good 10-20m behind in the road. saw him jump up and run around for a second before falling down on his butt. Hope he was ok…

All the cars behind him had stopped and a couple of drivers were out running to him.

I have no idea what happened. with the bike in free flight like that it didn’t look like a car was involved. Maybe he lost control and high sided? it was just as the slip road joined the main carriage way eastbound…

Be careful out there.


Holy fck #2

Woolwich flyover incident being holy fck #1

i was sitting in that traffic for over an hr

Why do you get all the bad luck ay? :wink:

Here’s hoping he’s okay.

Wow… hope he’s alright, but what a sight

Ra man

Sounds like something out the transporter