Saw a white 08 Fireblade

At lights waiting to go on a slip road to the Blackwall Tunnel.

Saw a white and black 08 plate Fireblade pull up.

Looks flippin smart.

Martinn on here has one with a full Akra system.

It sure does look da nutz

Im looking, im looking !!! but im still having a love affair with my 05 one at the mo !!! :smiley:

Agree it looks the nuts…but close is suzie750 !!!:wink:

someone in my office has a red and black 08 blade but although he’s got rid of the 3rd seat (standard tail tidy) he’s still got the standard can and indicators. Them indicators are the size of tennis rackets :hehe: and as for the can…

Gawd !! he needs stringing up !! thats gross misconduct to a blade that is !!! :w00t: