Saw a strange lens at Brands yesterday

Wondered if anyone may shed some light on this. Yesterday, I was sitting in my fold up chair on Paddock Hill, panning pointlessly with the boys, cursing every time the shots went pear shaped, when I spotted a vested type, track side of the fence. He stood up on the wall, held his camera at arm’s length straight up and it had this weird lens on it. Obviously, it was round where it mounted to the body, but it looked like it had this chunky square plate on the end.

Anyone got a scooby doo what it was?

Erm nope. Seems unlikely it would be a lens hood - I’ve only ever seen round ones. Could be some elaborate filter holder if it wasn’t too big a lens.

… I know Mike said he was going to try some poncy arty stuff and did pack his filters…

You may have just seen Mike “which one is Shakey again” Dodds in action for this very website.

Consider yourself lucky. :cool:

Having checked out some filters on Warehouse Express, it looks very likely that it was a filter on the end of a short focal distance lens.

The bloke then proceeded to carry on walking up to Druids. Mike, was it you?

What does Mike look like anyway?

As already stated it would probably be filters, the best manufacturers for these are Lee, but they are very pricey (circa £100 each for large filters required for proper wide angle lenses)

Cokin do cheaper ones which are also good, but still aren’t cheap.

In general these would be used more for static shots rather than for motorsports.

Unmistakable …

and he has confirmed via carrier pigeon (his internet is down) that he was using his elaborate filter gubbins at paddock, so it will have been him. And the shots are all rubbish he says. But I doubt it - his galleries are waiting in the wings so we’ll see shortly.

It was probably him, unfortunately I can’t really remember now… :frowning:

Damn, such a close encounter with someone famous and I didn’t even realise! :wink:

Yes I’m afraid that was me. I had spent the last half hour running about trying to hunt down images that conveyed the sun and the crowds. This was one of the last ones but as you can see it didn’t work out in the slightest! I remember it was very hurried, just banged it out while I was there. Oh the joy of digital! Now at least you can now see what I was shooting! :slight_smile:

You can always tell if it’s one of the LB crew. If they are terribly ugly it’ll be Andrew, if incredibly handsome it’ll be me! :stuck_out_tongue: