Saw a minor bike on bike RTA this morning - The Highway

I was filtering in a line of bikes, the bike in front was being squeezed by an idiot car and distracted himself “communicating” with the driver. The bike in front of him (aStreet Triple) stopped and there was a minor rear end shunt. No one feel off, just a bit of plastics damage which they will hopefully sort out, avoiding insurance. I stopped and gave them both my details just in case the story gets murky once the repair quotes come in - but they both seemed nice about it so all should be fine.

Eyes on the road people…

Two wrongs there and neither will ever be right

When will people learn, you can’t go around criticising others driving indiscretions

John 8:7

Ive been thinking about this post and I too feel it was worthy of a mention. When I started riding (and indeed driving) I used to get wound up by others bad habits. (I still p1sses me off when cars sit in lane2) but the point is…its easy to get distracted. A long stare sideways at the driver on their mobile, to show your disproval, could easily end up with you missing something else going on in front.
I feel sometimes little situations like this (as posted) can serve to remind us all to rise above other road users “mistakes”. By definition, as bikers, we have to have our wits about us, more so than in a car. A hot head can lead to too much right hand or other mistakes and the consequences that might bring.
I feel we can learn from other road users mistakes, just as much as we can our own.

I saw 2 accidents yesterday, a BMW cruiser hit on Blackheath common around 7.30am, and an R1 around 6PM on New Kent Road. On both occasions the riders weren’t looking where they were going!