saved by a trucker!

coming along to work this morning off lea bridge road, a police car is racing up towards my side of road.

Van in front hits brakes, sticks it in reverse and is moving back towards me quicker than i can paddlle backwards!

beeping horn, no avail, and it was only a truck driver on other side of road that shouted across to the driver and made him stop!!

eventful morning…(other posts)

close call Steve

thank Lord you are ok…

phew that was close!

Spare under wear time mate.

Lucky one there fella, well done truck driver!

Big thanks to the truck driver, saved what could have been a nasty accident from happening. Glad you are ok despite a bit of a sphincter clenching moment.

nah, happened so quick didnt have time to crap myself, was more like what is this twat doing, “attempting to paddle backwards”

I had a close call once with a tow truck, basically my leg ended up in his wheel arch, the bike leaning away at 45 degree angle and thank god he caught me in his lower passenger viewing window…

Glad you’re ok fella…