Save the posh Bangers


(banger friendly place does not involve doggin i hope)

I have gone for the ‘If you dont bring em back a rampage might happen you have been warned!!’ option, I like the sound of a good old rampage :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the sound of that

“Hooligan bike gang runs amok in posh banger battle”

‘“I can’t live without regular upper-class sausage” says sultry siren Sincere.’

‘“Where’s my biggie?” says Tiggi as bereft banger bikers bash Borough’

I love bangers.

apparently so do i :slight_smile:

From the poll it would seem that the majority of LB are spoiling for a rumble. :smiley:

Bring your own 2 by 4 :smiley:

:laugh: lol

Did anyone get hurt for the chips option as i put a curse on it Arwww just checked the curse manual and i did the rain dance

Chips for me :bolt: