Save that for Max Power night

I’ll let someone else tell the story… you naughty boys…

and then the was fire, explosion, etc.



What happened?


9R stunting outside the Ace, kid walks out, he grabs the brakes and goes down. Lots of fuel and fire.

No one hurt, but the 9 wasn’t looking too special…

ahah suspence!

Well early in the night (about 8:30ish) one big harley owner and his large and loud wife had a go at one of our boys for stunting… in a threatening manner… the harley guy then claimed to be a copper. Lots of words were spoken, but most of us just saw a beard wobbling and a loud woman throwing in her two sence…

They were unhappy with stunting on their night and suggested ‘you do that on max power night’.

About an hour later a Polish guy on a kawasaki was stunting, then a kid went in the road. He manovered out of the way so the kid was fine, but low sided. The bike slid down the road towards the roundabout and caught fire. It then hit the curb of the road island just before the mini-round about, and flipped into the air, at which point it exploded.

It finished in the middle of the roundabout with a cracked and bent sub frame. Various engine componants littered the road. The engine was exposed and gear box draggin on the floor.

Marshall’s did a great job by turning up with a water fire extinguisher (not to be used on liquid fires - thank God the fire was already out) then treated the fuel and oil spill.

The rider was ok, he got up straight away but I think he went after the kid first and not his bike. So no one was hurt.

The picture is the exposed engine after Henessey and I picked it up.

More annoying was as I took a picture the guy next to me had a ciggerette. 2 feet away from the fuel, spilling on the floor…

Bloody hell! It all goes off at the Ace, eh! This sounds like one of the more serious accidents, shame there wasn’t a video/more pictures to go with it! Doesn’t sound good, for anyone concerned, one way or another. Nice one for helping out lads.

not good!!! Can’t believe the bike exploded!!! All in all a lucky escape for everyone by the sounds of it…kid musta pooped it totally…good to hear that the rider was ok…glad you guys didn’t get hurt!!

Unfortunately I doubt accidents like this will do our credibility as bikers any good…

Exactly, that’s the trouble - it’s all good fun until something goes wrong. Good job the Harley guy had left because I’m sure he would have kicked off about it!

I think an even luckier escape… a small red nissan left the roundabout, but stopped next to the road island when faced with the sliding bike on fire.

They must have been 2 feet from the bike when it was in the air and exploded. Good job she had her window up.

It was that close to where we were all standing it singed my face hair!! No need for a shave now!

Holy sh1t… how lucky were some of the people close to the accident…Good job harly guy was’nt there, his head may have gone up in flames from his beard … all these accidents can only be adding fuel to the anti bike people out there


Sounds about right, Tony. On an Ace note, Mark was telling us up at the NEC show yesterday that there was an incident involving some youths and other peoples helmets going for a walk. Look out for your stuff guys, don’t assume that everyone there is a like-minded biker. A shame to have to think like this, but there are a number of scroats in the area, so it pays to keep an eye on your investments. Top work from Ghostie, by all accounts, in getting one of the scroats back to the ace for a stern word with his father.

They probably wanted a better helmet to wear when they’re on my R1…

Or am I just being cynical

glad the kid and the rider are ok!

It was terrible to see any sort of thing happen at the Ace, and as it wasn’t much of his fault I can sympathise with him. The kid who walked out didn’t even pay attention to anything that was going on!

As the bike landed in a ball of fire just on the roundabout near where we were standing, me and Steve (GoF) went over to pick the bike up and get it out of the road. And I didn’t have my gloves on or anything and I were thinking “Sh!t, do I really wana be touching this bike after it just just been skidded across the floor, caught on fire, flipped several times!” But I picked it up, and then as I were heading toward the kerb, I pressed the front brake for stability and guess what, the lever pulled in all the way with nothing happening and broke off, lol!

His crank was hanging out on the floor, and the whole of the sprocket and casing… A bloke whom I was talking to Dean found of what I thought was the 1st gear cog! lol… so the bike had pretty much spilled everywhere!


I said there was going to be an accident last night

Well the flames made it a little more impressive then the Buell crash a weeks or so ago

How many engines has your 03 R1 been through Ghostie?