Save of the year!!!

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definetly a brown trouser moment :smiley:

I would have had to pull over and have a fag after that, and I don’t smoke!

I might try that move on Monday;)

So much for traction control eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t he go on to win the superstock series this year?

wish i did that instead of sliding down clearways on my arse

Traction control?! That was under braking!

I wish I’d done that instead of smashing my shoulder!

no buddy, he was on the power. you’re building speed all the way from the previous inside curbing at clearways.

when things go wrong on the front you normally fold it rather than do spectacular powerslides :wink:

watched that on sky+ with the missus over and over. AWESOME save!

The last time I tried that I got run over by my own Bike. :smiley: he’s a lucky fella. :smiley: