Saturday Roll Call

Drove to work today.  Could not summon the energy for the bike…  Nor to unparagraph the list below…  Have a good one people. Upgrading our fibre to a 1GB line, so it will be reasonably fast at last.

AbzeroAceman 18 and countingAndyCr15ArfaArt aka NTBang2RightsBigDBig Red SBladebluelagosBobbyR1Bespectacled Boris (is back)brains_tCactus- AKA The BeardChrisBChangyammiCypherDangerousB He’s a pussycat reallyEezieGeoff BGSXRAngHannibalhogtrumpetIanWilliamsonIMORTAL_IndianIronmanJaneyJayJax the unphotographable JesteR6JetstreamKevstaKTM DmakmanMarmablade aka Chumbasambame_groovy Can he fix it/will he ?MichaelMiggyMoleMotodrbNailsNational TreasureNicNIvagPanagiotispawelPricettaRixxyRossoRusty99ScorchSeanR1ShaunicousSilveR6SlackerSlan M.I.AStevie78Stuart FordyceSzymonT catTDJTiggiTimR… Who ! ?TheOCThe SleeperTimmyFox - 2015 Poohsticks ChampionTheUnforgivenToonyTreacleTriang - RossTrombomanVelcroHead - Red Stripe on his CornflakesVonWestieWhereisgibsonWildBoyWiseYourebarredZanderZine - last one on the list unless…Zorro appears

Morning Mo Fo’s

I will mainly be in the garage today cleaning and prepping the KTM for when the engine comes back in the week. got loads of work to do on it so it is just a matter of sticking the engine in and running it in once it arrives :)

What a messy roll call! Morning all

Morning all!

Makman, 1GB, nice!

Morning all, off to OMC to install handguards and fix a light today

Morning all

Morning all
Putting up the cornice and skirting on tomorrow

Ug!  Feel sleepy still. Ug!

Afternoon, at work and it was a blustery dry ride in, gonna be fun going home :grin:

Ooooh, a wordsearch for a roll call. Hours of fun.

A’noon All. It’s quite unpleasantly windy out. I’m glad I’m not on callout!

Afternoon peeps

Is my neighbour drilling or revving a sportsbike in his front room?

Hopefully the latter.

and it is all sorted. Also did server updates for our offices in Ethiopia, Senegal and Kenya…  Time to head home now.

Horrible ride home tonight. Yuk.

Hey all - camera arrived but awaiting a memory card - found the ‘main’ issue with my mini and England beat scotland at the rugby :) 

What camera?