SATURDAY Rideout - 25th June

Depart the  Ace 11.00 am on Saturday,  full tanks,  empty bladders and at your own risk

No nobbers or 125s

Back before dark

Destination to be decided on the day after looking at the weather map

Starting late so 250 miles max is probably a generous estimate but you never know

Anyone up for it?

Very possibly :slight_smile:

Damn, have school fair and family BBQ.

Shame, we have a lunch venue especially picked just for you - but it’ll keep

Sunday’s got the better biking weather, can’t you ramble Saturday

Not as present plans stand

The fields will be waterlogged and filled with sewage, oh well if that floats your boat. Not bitter.

Might meet for a coffee before heading to the OMC before pre big trip system checks.

Might have to skip rusty’s breakfast run and tag along for this. 

2 different days. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can’t do two days of rideouts, too much other stuff to sort out. Hell I have to work a couple hours tomorrow morning before the rideout courtesy of the referendum results.

this still on…

Should have pmd me! Id gave been up for this!

How was the cafe guys? I fell behind, with all that rain and traffic; by the time I reached the junction of A417 and A4185 it was raining heavily yet again. Not much fun, so I decided to pull into the petrol station, wait it out, then go home. It rained, on and off, all the way to London, so I wasn’t exactly bone dry when I got home. :slight_smile: I really hope you fared better. :slight_smile:

Cafe was fine and the accommodation block was as expected :wink:

We suspected you might have taken a rain cheque, so after a short wait and a regroup we continued.

We took off the waterproofs at the cafe and outran the only heavy shower before Bicester with only minor moisture penetration.

Thanks to Adrian, Rob and Alex for the company. 

Next time we`ll take cable ties and a camera :wink:

cheers for the ride out guys,was a good  day, nice route back and nice and dry, good to see you again,look forward to a few more…

Thanks for the ride out! Was great fun despite the on/off rain