Saturday morning roll call.

Good morning all.
It’s going to be beautiful day, drive safe, remember all weekend drivers going out for shopping and day-trips, they are not aware about any other vehicles on the road!

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Morning Blade, thanks for the reminder. I would add just delaying starting at the green lights on roundabouts, as more and more people seem to be ignoring red lights these days (being slow at the lights saved my life the other day from a white van who had floored it at the red lights). Is it just me or is it a developing trend? I’ve lost count of the number of people who do this.

Have a good weekend LBs

No problem, you welcome mate. Highlight of the day was two girls in Corsa, glued to right line doing 60mph and showing me finger when I was undertaking (after mile waiting for them to look in the mirrors). So many shopping lemmings are on roads today.


Yeah, a$$holes day out today.
I’ve been in the cage and still getting cut-up

Afternoon peeps

A glorious day and I’m on night shift this weekend :frowning:

Enjoy the weather and ride safe

Afternoon folks

Yep loads of red light jumpers out there, had a couple of them today.