Saturday BCR?

I’ve been looking at the weather and frankly, its **** on Sunday by the looks of things. Does anyone fancy a Saturday ride out to FF? My bike’s serviced and raring to go.

what time were you thinkin’ of heading out dave?

I might be up for this, getting a new exhaust system fitted to the bike in the afternoon…

how about the usual time - back with loads of time for exhaust?

looks dryish if you’re headn out early … I’m keen … i’ll be heading your direction anyway :slight_smile:

ok, you just put up your post as i was writing mine for meet time :cool:

I’m shattered and need to go to bed (v early i know).
I will be going tomorrow, so ile post up when im getting ready to go. If anyone wants to join me then great:)

i gotta head out now if to meet at 8 mu chuu. PM’d

Finch’n freeezing this morn! couldn’t feel my fingers … need to get some winter gloves :smiley:
… well, i waited … 45 mins … and was gettn cold so had to go. no worries mu, did some of the lanes from memory … some new ones (lost actually :D)… was headn out that direction today anyway. saw a few bikes out, didn’t think it was you … bonnivelle? … odd scooter? :stuck_out_tongue: 125 moto perraps? … even saw an s-triple, kelv ? mebee not :wink:
… quite a bit traffic out … w/e workers guess.

dunno bout 2mrrw since was not the most enjoyable riding being so cold (i’ve got tropical bones ye see) let alone solo :cool:

Hey K-Man - wasnt me, my bike was at the trumpet dealer in croydon having a new exhaust system put on! Wish I’d have gotten my arse out of bed early though, looks like tomorrow is going to be a write off!!