Saturday Afternoon Fun on Thunder Road....

It just doesn’t get any better than this…2 tanks of gas…3 hours worth of railing up and down this road and seeing only a handful of cars and a couple of other bikes the entire time. This might have been the coup de grace for this set of Pirelli Diablos though. LOL Oh well…order up another set and let’s GO!!!

Since I’ve had no luck at all talking any of you “f*ing about in 1st or 2nd gear in urban hell” types into coming over and enjoying this kind of fun in person, I’ll tempt you with a few pictures from the day.





A few more…





A few more…





Last one…




Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, corners…

Hmmmmmmmmmm, no other vehicles in the photo, empty road bliss!! Nice photographs there!

Show off

The place look fantastic KSGregman where is it and you really should try our 1st & 2nd gear stop, start riding you have know idea what your missing

Looks great I only wish the airlines would accept a Daytona as hand luggage

I’m not showing off…I’m extending an invitation! LOL

That’s Thunder Road…11 miles worth of twists and turns that roughly follow a creek through rural Butler County…One of my favorite roads in this area…it’s about a 10 minute ride from my house.

10mins from your house now you are showing off lol next you’ll be saying its on the way to work!

Pics are great and it does look all so enticing. I know that I could have lots of fun out there.

We do have twisty roads here, as demonstrated on my little ride yesterday

If I ever get over that way, will be sure to get hold of you and you could show me some roads.

Those roads are the work of the devil, and you are his emissary, KSG - not a speed camera to be seen either! You lucky so and so.

Nice to have a biker’s perspective from the other side of the pond, too. We seem to be getting nothing but the worst through regular media channels.

Da Artist - Ok Ok…the 10 minutes from my house thing was a bit of showing off. LOL But it’s true!

Chuffster - If you find your way over here, let me know…bike hires are rare/non-existent in my area…but I’ll scrounge a bike from a friend and turn you loose on my 750. We’d have a blast. (And I’d probably learn a lot attempting to follow your lines!)

LSD - Guilty as charged. ROFL No speed cameras at all in this country. It was Bullsh$t laws like your speed cameras that inspired John Hanc0ck and the gang to tell the lawmakers in “The Motherland” over there to take a hike. I don’t know how you guys can bear that kind of intrusion into your privacy…speed cameras, nearly universal CCTV coverage in public…etc etc etc.


Very true, I don’t know how people like Blair can stand up at conferences and smarmily declaim that we live in a free democracy. Democracy, at a push; free, certainly not.

Anyway, we ought not spoil this forum with dirty talk of politics.

Nice photoshopping on your avatar by the way

True true…tis a dirty subject, indeed.

Thanks on the avatar…I’m tired of looking at it, to be honest…I’d like to get another shot to build an avatar around but am having trouble getting my friend with the high speed digital camera out.

I swear, he has the loneliest TL-R1000 (sweet bike, by the way) on the planet…he hardly ever rides…it’s too windy, it’s too hot, it’s too cold…bitch bitch bitch. I’ve never seen anything like it. LOL

Great pics of a fab place AGAIN KSG. Any more and you’re banned for provoking unseemly jealousy.

All we now is some of you RIDING them hehe.

Ow, lovely roads Gregman! You should make a little video or somethign

I have a video camera mount…but I lack an appropriately sized video camera and editing software. Maybe buying those things should be a lunch hour project this week…I’ll go shoot video of a blast up Thunder Road and back…I can host it on my website…plenty of bandwidth there.

Can anyone recommend good video editing software?

Adobe Premier Pro

Final Cut Pro (If your using a mac)

& Combustion is great compositing software but pricey