Saturday 8/7/2023 - Great Central Rideout

Meeting at 0900 at Dunstable downs for a tour of the Rutland’s, stopping at the Great Central Railway for lunch.

About 240 miles in all,

The meeting point is here, it’s not the main car park, but the one down the road a bit. I’ll be on a Red CBR600.

This is the planned route, though it may change (ive still got to add a couple of rest stops too)


That is 5th August?

8th of july, i just cant do dates.

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Damn and I was about to ask you to go on one as well.

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That looks great. I’m in.

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Ahh bugger, not too far down the road from me, but the bike has just failed the MOT and I doubt ill have time to fix the issue before then

Changed the route to go more east due to weather forecast, here’s the new one

See you there.


Well that was a classic. 135 mile mission to get home but the traffic wasnt too bad. Thanks to Boris for leading.

was a good day out, 299 miles door to door for me, or 256 dunstable to dunstable.

good run to see if the CBR can pretend to be a sports tourer, and i dont think i could do several of these length days in a row.
the roads improved after bury too, had white lines and everything!
thanks for coming along


I thought you guys were gearing up for a RBLR1000

Sorry to have missed it.

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Now that’s a nice cream

thats a medium, ive not been brave enough to get a large!

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A birthday ice cream instead of a cake, love it.

Happy birthday Boris.